Massachusetts Museum Urges German AfD Party To Stop Using This ‘Racist’ Painting

The European election campaign is underway. Even though turnout is expected to be very low in most countries, pollsters think that the populist parties will register a good result and thus gain seats in the EU parliament later this month.

Over in German the rightwing anti-immigrant AfD party is now using an election campaign poster which has created commotion over in the US.

The poster for the European Parliament elections shows the painting ‘Slave Market’ from 1866 by French artist Jean-Leon Gerome on which a white woman is being inspected by Muslim slave traders.

The US museum ‘The Clark Art Insititute’ in Williamstown, Massachusetts, owner of the painting, has asked the German far right party AfD not to use the picture any more as they don’t want to be associated with any ‘racist’ political interests.

Director Olivier Meslay declared: “We are strongly opposed to the use of this work to advance any political agenda. We did not supply the painting to the AfD.”

He furthermore stated that the museum had insisted “that they cease and desist in using this painting.” However, he acknowledged, the painting is in the public domain and “there are no copyrights or permissions that allow us to exert control over how it is used other than to appeal to civility on the part of the AfD Berlin.”

The slogan, in German, reads ‘So that Germany does not become a ‘Eurabia’!

Picture credit: AfD


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