Female Pop Star Thrives On Being ‘Most Hated Person’ In Holland (Video)

Whereas before celebrities mostly became famous for being liked, Dutch pop sensation Femke Louise (20 years old). Singing about booze and drugs and doing outrageous things on stage, she is known for having become one of the most hated pop stars in the Netherlands.

Like the last few days, when the singer was overwhelmed by criticism because she had taken a “life-threatening selfie” on the motorway. Louise drove at least 70 miles per hour and took a photo in her rearviewmirror.

At the same time she was also calling on her smartphone. Many followers reacted with dismay and showed their disapproval loud and clear on her profile. “What can go wrong?”, Someone wrote sarcastically. And also: “Life-threateningly dangerous” and “Are you honestly sharing this?” You should just be an example for your fans.”

The fact that Famke is being amassed with hate messages only makes her stronger, she claims. In Holland she’s now on the cover of multiple magazines, scoring hit after hit.


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