$6.5 Million Stanford Payment For Daughter Was ‘Simple Donation’ Claim Chinese Billionaires (Video)

Everything is bigger in China apparently. This is what we are made to understand if you believe the lawyer for Ms Zhao, the person in the college cheating scandal who logged the biggest payment of them all.

The Chinese woman, whose husband is a known billionaire, apparently paid $6.5 million to admission schemer Mr Rick singer in order to get her daughter, Yusa Zhao, into Stanford. According to her lawyer, the $6.5 million, paid was nothing but a ‘simple donation.’

Furthermore, still according to her lawyer, Mr Vincent W.C Law of firm Mayer Brown, she made the payment to Singer in April 2017 after being introduced to him by a former financial adviser at Morgan Stanley and was convinced that making such a ‘simple donation’ was quite normal in the US and she was unfamiliar with the normal college admissions process.

“Her generosity has been taken advantage of,” lawyer Vincent W.C. Law said in a statement.

“This generous act was not only done for the good of the school and its students, but also done out of the love and support of Yusi by a caring mother.”

“The donation is in the same nature as those that many affluent parents have been doing openly to prestigious universities.”

Ms Zhao is married to Mr Zhao Tao, the co-founder and chairman of Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals, based in Heze, China. The company supplies “traditional Chinese medicine to fight cardiovascular disease.”

Ranked #as number 197 on Forbes’ China Rich List in 2018, he’s said to be worth nearly $2 billion.

Ms Zhao is trending in China currently because she made a video over a year ago in which she advised others ‘how to get into Stanford.’

The family has not been charged.



Picture credit – Facebook


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