UK Voters Punish PM May For Brexit Failure, Heckler Shouts: ‘Why Don’t You Resign’ (Video)


he two largest political parties in the UK, Labour and the Conservative Party, are punished by the English and Northern Irish voters for their long and failed Brexit negotiations in local elections today. They lost hundreds of seats whilst the small parties and independent candidates benefit from the PM’s failure to deliver Brexit.

The first results predict a major loss for the largest parties. Labor has so far lost 77 seats, the Tories 336. Voters are frustrated by Brexit, which keeps dragging on, and clearly show this in the voting booth.

It is primarily Prime Minister May’s party who has to take the heaviest losses. Labor also suffers from the chaos that the Brexit brings with it. The party is divided between pro-Europe and pro-Brexit members.

The winners of these elections are the smaller parties, especially the pro-European Liberal Democrats, who won 251 extra seats. The Greens also won to a lesser extent. They won 34 extra seats. Independent candidates were able to steal 192 seats from larger parties. The Brexit Party of Nigel Farage and the pro-EU Change UK group do not stand up for the local elections. They are committed to the European elections on 23 May.

Prime Minister Theresa May was interrupted by a heckler demanding she resigned as she began her speech at the Welsh Conservative Conference in Llangollen.




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