Can ‘Racist Marxists’ Win South African Elections? (Video)

The elections in South Africa of this week could be a rejection of colonialism in its purest form, whereas one of the most advanced countries in Africa could see a party that rejects the western world’s preferred economic model (capitalism) and Europe’s inhabitants (Caucasian) who are seen as the ‘colonizers’, win the most in percentage terms.

Fact is that recent polling shows that the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) are set to double their vote share from 6% to 11% making them a force to reckon with that the ANC (African National Congress), the original majority party of legendary President Nelson Mandela, might have to abide with if their own support falls below a certain threshold.

For example, the Economic Freedom Fighters remain resolute on the assertion that a majority of South African Indians are racist towards the country’s black citizenry.

South Africa has been crippled by corruption scandals and recession, stories of ‘white farmer’ murders, and threats of land repossession. Among all this mayhem, the voter’s anger has now apparently shifted to the EFF, a party that claims to be anti-capitalism and pro-African. In the past, they have called for repossession of ‘white farms’ and claimed for example that all Indians living in South Africa, are racists.

All this makes us ponder the question: after Europe, the US and South America, is now African populism on the rise?


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