Viggo Mortensen Warns Spanish ‘Neo-Fascists’ Over ‘Lord Of the Rings’ Meme

The Spanish elections of two weeks ago led to an 11% win for Vox, the far-right nationalist party who took away votes from the conservative Partido Popular (PP). Spain is still without a government as negotiations will prove to be difficult now that votes are divided among different parties.

Vox acknowledged that they would be attacked after the elections both from the extreme left and the media, and thys tweeted out a meme showing Lord of the Rings her Aragorn ready to face his enemies, in this case the media and the communist and LGBT groups in Spain.

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“Let the battle begin,” the party tweeted.

In a letter to the editor of Spanish newspaper El Pais, published on Tuesday, Viggo Mortensen, the actor who played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies said Vox’s use of his image was “absurd”.

“Not only is it absurd that I, the actor who embodied this character for [Lord of the Rings director] Peter Jackson, and a person interested in the rich variety of cultures and languages that exist in Spain and the world, is linked to an ultra-nationalist and neo-fascist political party, it is even more ridiculous to use the character of Aragorn, a polyglot statesman who advocates knowledge and inclusion of the diverse races, customs and languages of Middle Earth, to legitimise an anti-immigrant, anti-feminist and Islamophobic political group.”

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“We must be attentive and proactive, like Aragorn in the Tolkien saga.”



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