BBC Fires Radio Presenter For Posting Shocking ‘Royal Baby’ Monkey Picture

British broadcaster BBC has fired radio presenter Danny Baker after a tweet about the son of Meghan Markle and prince Harry.

Mr Baker tweeted a black and white photo of a monkey in a suit, alongside two adults. He wrote the caption “Royal baby leaves hospital.”

Untitled 2

According to many people, that tweet is particularly inappropriate. They find it racist because Baker refers with the monkey to the African-American roots of Meghan Markle.

The 61-year-old presenter meanwhile removed his tweet and also apologized. He said it had never occurred to him that this tweet seemed racist. Yet his apologies were not enough. The BBC decided to fire Baker.

Apparently reporters were showing up at his home just before he was fired, asking him: “Do you think black people look like monkeys?”

His tweet added: “No mate. Gag pic. Posh baby chimp. Alerted to circs. Appalled. Deleted. Apologised.”

In a following tweet, he added: “Would have used same stupid pic for any other Royal birth or Boris Johnson kid or even one of my own. It’s a funny image. (Though not of course in that context.) Enormous mistake, for sure. Grotesque.

“Anyway, here’s to ya Archie, Sorry mate.”

Main Picture: BSR Agency

Twitter picture (since deleted): @prodnose


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