Swiss Star Rapper (23) Arrested For Fraud (Video)

You’ve probably never heard of her unless you listen to Swiss, Austrian or German radio stations but rapper Loredana is quite the superstar in the German-speaking countries of Europe though. The 23-year-old gets millions of views for each of her videos and has about 1.3 million followers on Instagram. At the moment she is the most successful pop star in Switzerland.

But since yesterday she was arrested for fraud and will probably have to spend a long time in jail.

According to the Swiss courts though, before she became famous through rapping, the 23-year-old was defrauding rich people out of their money.

Together with her brother she apparently told a rich woman in Bern that their mother needed a new kidney, which would cost some $100k. The 52-year-old woman, who was in a relationship with Loredana’s brother at the time, handed over the money, after which the siblings demanded another $200k for further ‘needs’.

In all, the Swiss justice department claims it can prove fraud for an amount of some $800k against the sister and brother.

Looks like their ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ video will get a lot of sarcastic comments.

Picture credit: Instagram Loredana


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