Pennsylvania Drug Dealer Guilty Of Playmate Murder (Video)

A 31-year-old cocaine dealer has been found guilty of murdering a Playboy model who was found beaten and strangled to death. Mr Jonathan Harris was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 36-year-old Christina Carlin-Kraft, a former playboy model.

He was also found guilty of kidnapping, possession of an instrument of a crime and strangulation.

Assistant District Attorney Brianna Ringwood said the verdict was the ‘right result’.

‘Ms Kraft was a vulnerable person and this defendant took advantage of that when he went back to her apartment and beat her and brutally murderer her.’

Mr Harris admitted he had sold Kraft $1,200 worth of cocaine and went back to her apartment to drink several bottles of wine and have sex, but then the two got into a heated dispute over payment for the drugs. He said the ex-Playboy model thought she did not owe him any cash for the cocaine because she already had sex with him, but he disagreed.

‘I slapped her in the face and she fell to the floor,’ Harris told police, claiming his violent outburst was prompted by Kraft first hitting him on the ear with a wine bottle.

Harris said he then carried Kraft to the bed, tied her hands to prevent her from fighting back and punched her in the face for refusing to pay him for the drugs.

When Kraft reached for her phone and proceeded to dial 911, Harris said he ‘began choking her,’ according to the written confession.

‘I panicked. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I covered her with a blanket because I didn’t want to see her like that. I knew she was hurt really bad,’ he added.

‘I never meant for this girl to die. When I left the apartment she was not dead. I would do anything to take this back,’ he told the detective .

Miss Kraft had previously modeled for Vanity Fair, Victoria’s Secret, Playboy and Maxim.

Picture credit: Maxim


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