Passau Crossbow Triple Murder Mystery Widens (Video)

German Police are puzzled as to what exactly happened in a guest room of the ‘Gasthof Pension Zur Triftsperre, ’ an idyllic small hotel on the banks of the river near Passau, in the province of Bavaria.

As we reported over the weekend, a maid found the three lifeless bodies of two women and a man as she started her cleaning tour.

Two crossbows were found alongside the bodies which had arrows in them.

Local authorities have interviewed all other guests of the hotel who all declared that they slept quietly through the night without hearing anything.

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Furthermore, police admitted that so far there was no evidence to suggest that another person was involved in the deaths. The three had come to the hotel with a white pickup driven by the man. As the sign on his car makes clear, he was a member of a crossbow shooting club.

The German media hopes that the autopsies, scheduled for later this week, will shed light on this mystery.

In any case, how do you explain that the bodies had arrows in them but no one else went into the room ?

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Picture credit : Google Maps


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