Beauty Blogger Bitch Fight Gets Ugly As Tati Westbrook Slams James Charles (Video)

There’s a huge ‘bitch fight’ ongoing in beauty vlogging world. You may not know who are James Charles and Tati Westbook, but beauty product manufacturers sure do. These two bloggers are some of the most influential people online when it comes to trends for beauty products or launching new fads. They used to be best of friends, until this weekend when Tati released a video called ‘Bye Sister’ in which she slammed her former 19-year-old protégé James from New York.

She accused him of betrayal and sexual manipulation. Her video has by now been viewed some 39 million times while he has lost some 3 million subscribers.

One commenter stated, in a Twitter video now seen some 13 million times already, that Tati Westbrook ‘just grabbed the sexual predator and manipulator James Charles by the neck and dragged him and his career straight to the cemetery.’

Now, how di dit all start. Well on April 22nd, James took to his instagram story to promote Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins which is a direct competitor to Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins.


Yes, it’s a whole new media world out there. Apparently with a lot of stars I had never heard of.


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