Felicity Huffman Tearfully Pleads Guilty (Video)

Actress Felicity Hufman has decided to plead guilty in the so-called college cheating scandal. In a Boston Court, the former Desperate Housewives star admitted in a Boston court to having paid $15,000 so her daughter could take falsified entrance exams to some of the country’s best schools.

She said she was in “full acceptance” of her guilt, whilst crying in front of the judge.

Prosecutors have recommended a four-month prison term and a $20,000 fine for her.

The ‘fixed’ in the college cheating scandal, Mr William Singer, apparently helped Ms Huffman falsify a college entrance exam score for her oldest daughter, Sophia Macy.

Singer arranged so that Sophia could complete the SAT, which is the US college entrance test, elsewhere. In the end, Sophia scored an SAT score of 1420 out of a possible 1600 on the doctored test, about 400 points higher than a preliminary SAT she had taken a year earlier.

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Parents allover the US have expressed outrage and disgust finding out that wealthy celebrities cheated to get their children into schools.


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