German Triple Crossbow Murder Mystery Is ‘Medieval Suicide Pact’

The two women and a man pierced with arrows in a guest house in Passau, Germany, were killed with targeted shots. Der Spiegel reports this on the basis of an initial autopsy report. In addition to three crossbows, the police also found testaments in the room. It therefore seems a preconceived plan.

Last weekend, employees of the hotel found a 30-year-old woman in a pool of blood on the floor of a triple room. On a bed next to it lay another dead woman (33) and a dead man (53) holding hands. All were killed by crossbow arrows.

The two in bed were hit deadly in the heart, the woman on the floor in the neck. The testaments found are from the man and woman in bed. According to the autopsy, more shots were fired at the two in bed, but only after the arrow that killed them.

According to German media, the three in Passau had “spontaneously” purchased three crossbows in a sports store. According to a witness, the three formed a “strange company”.

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The women were dressed in black and the man dressed in a suit had a long white beard. The research shows that the three were fascinated by esotericism and medieval weapons, local media report.

The dead man, identified as Torsten W., ran a medieval store in Hachenburg, in the Rhineland-Palatinate region.

Among other things, he sold daggers and swords from the Middle Ages and dealt with alchemy. W. would have organized sword fights in the evenings.

The other victims were also interested in re-enacting knight tournaments, newspaper Bild knows.

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In the mysterious case, two more dead women were found yesterday in the 30-year-old woman’s apartment. One of those victims would be the life partner of the woman who was lying on the floor in the guest room. No crossbows or arrows were found in the apartment. The authorities exclude that there are still people from outside involved.


Picture credit: Bild Mockup


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