Spanish ‘Superslide’ Closed After Multiple Accidents (Video)

Estepona is a small town at the Spanish Costa Del Sol, near the city of Malaga. In order to attract more tourists, the city council decided to build a super slide of some 38 meters between the upper and lower level of the town for residents that didn’t want to take the stairs anymore to get down.

The slide – which opened last Thursday and is the longest in Spain – connects Avenida Reina Sofia with the much lower Calle Eslovaquia. The metal colossus was constructed during works on the Los Ninos park. The descent would save residents and visitors a walk of no less than ten minutes. Nevertheless, a walking path was laid for the less adventurous people.

Immediately after the opening of the attraction with a slope of 32 to 34 degrees, users expressed concern about the safety of the installation on social media. Photographs and videos of people who had sustained one or more injuries during the slide were circulating. It was also possible to see how people on their backs went on far beyond the end of the slide.

“The #Estepona slide is a piece of shit,” one woman wrote on Twitter. “I went on it and got hurt all over. I flew two metres and the police started to laugh.”

24 hours and multiple accidents later, the city council decided to close the $50k slide.



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