Man Uses Genius Trick To Eat Free KFC For 1 Year

A 27-year-old student from the South African city of Durban has deviously succeeded in eating for free for at least a year at a branch of chicken restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken. The man pretended to be a quality inspector. The staff did not notice anything, because the “KFC bobo” was always neatly dressed, had identification and business cards from the chain with them and was dropped off by various luxury cars.

The student, South African media report, ate at the restaurant almost daily. Before he did, he usually walked through the kitchen where he, in a very strict manner, asked employees for food samples.

“We knew no better than the man came to us to check and monitor the quality of the food. When we saw him coming, everyone immediately went to work with extra dedication, “said a staff member after the arrest.

The man was able to do so for a long time, because he also regularly applied his trick at other KFC locations in the city. “He was known by all the staff in Durban as a certified inspector. There was really nobody who got suspicious. The man was always extremely confident and convincing. “

The student was finally thwarted because a true Kentucky Fried Chicken board member had never heard of the “inspector.” Then the scammer, the next time he came back to the restaurant, was arrested.


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