German Crossbow Murders Investigation Reveals ‘Sex Cult’ Details (Video)


Research into the true circumstances of the ‘crossbow drama’ in Germany is ongoing. Four older men and four young women formed the “hard core” of a cult-like group in Hachenburg in Rhineland-Palatinate. Certainly two of them would still be alive and they may know the answer to some pressing questions. According to German media, the women were extremely submissive and were manipulated by “guru” Torsten W. (53) who was found dead with two other women of his cult in a hotel this weekend.

In a hotel in Passau, Bavaria, the bodies of two women and a man were discovered last weekend. Their bodies were pierced with arrows.

The police found three crossbows and testaments in the room. Torsten W. (53) and a woman (33) lay hand in hand on the bed. Another 30-year-old woman lay dead on the floor. For the time being, the police assume that the 30-year-old woman first killed the two others and then committed suicide.

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Subsequently, two more dead women (19 and 35) were found in the apartment of the 30-year-old woman. The entire crossbow drama looks a lot like a suicide pact according to the police.

Focus Online has now revealed that the men and women were part of a group that was very similar to a cult. They were dressed in black and a skull was at the center of their emblem. The women were extremely submissive.

The 19-year-old woman, Carina U., who was found dead in the apartment this week, joined the group a few years ago. Her parents explained that she then broke radically with family and friends. Torsten W. had managed to tie the girl to him. The first contact between them was established through a teacher. But that person can also say nothing more about it, because he also committed suicide some time ago.

Torsten W. (53) traded medieval artifacts. He had the power over four women that he humiliated. He gave the orders and was the overall leader, but exactly how all this led to the death of five people is a mystery that the police want to unravel quickly.

Many pressing questions about the mysterious drama have not yet been answered. The answers may be provided the two remaining living members of the group’s hard core, according to German media.

Picture Source: Bild


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