Austrian Election Scandal Puts 90s Vengaboys’ ‘We’re going to Ibiza’ At Number 1 (Video)

Twenty years after the original release, the Dutch dance formation Vengaboys once again is back at number 1 in the music charts in Austria with their hit We’re Going To Ibiza.

A scandal involving FPO politician Heinz-Christian Strache recently brought down the Austrian government coalition. The reason: a video showing how Strache is bribed by a Russian investor in Ibiza, Spain. (see our related coverage)

The well-known German comedian and TV star Jan Böhmermann then jokingly put the We’re Going To Ibiza video clip on his Twitter profile. It was immediately picked up by his two million followers.

Not only online, but also in the street, the song has since been heard as a protest song against right-wing politics.

Related coverage: Austria Vice-Chancellor Resigns Over Secret Russian Bribery Footage (Shock Video)

The news has now also reached the four members of the still-existing dance group. They’ve reacted on Twitter with joy and surprise at the events.


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