Dutch Government Crisis Over ‘Hidden’ Refugee Crime Figures

One week after the right-wing FPO party in Austria caused a crisis for one mid-sized European government, another nation is going through a spat.

The Netherlands has seen their Minister for Asylum and Migration, Mr Mark Harbers (pictured with Prime Minister Mark Rutte) resign after investigators discovered that the liberal politician had not been accurate about the crime statistics of asylum seekers in Holland.

Mr Harbers explained to MPs that he felt responsible for the report, in which figures about how many refugees were suspected of rape and murder were not explicitly stated. ‘I am not only responsible in terms of the law, but I feel responsible,’ he stated.

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The Dutch liberal government of Mr Mark Rutte, who had recently lost provincial elections to the populist anti-immigration party of Mr Thierry Baudet of the ‘Forum for Democracy,’ had apparently put the figures for serious and violent crimes by refugees (such as rape, murder and child abuse) in the ‘other’ category of a report on asylum into the Netherlands.

With only two days to go to the European elections, this could spell trouble for the liberals.

Source: https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2019/05/138891/


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