Taiwan Mocks China With ‘Tank Man’ Balloons (Video)

A Taiwanese artist has found a novel way to remind China of it’s mischiefs by creating a giant inflatable depiction of the iconic “tank man” scene. With that, Taiwan is doing it’s best to remind the world it’s already been 30 years since the Chinese government decided to send army tanks to crack down pro-democracy protests.

The iconic picture of the man standing in front of a tank in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square became one of the most famous photos of the 20th Century.

By now, a balloon depiction of the same setup is shown at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei.

Over in mainland China, any reporting of the crackdown is heavily censored and any search words able to lead you to a lookup of the incident are forbidden to show a result on internet.

Shake, the artist who created the setup, said: “As a Taiwanese I hope I can help China to also achieve democracy one day.”

“I think it is important to the Taiwanese people to continue discussing this topic – preventing people from forgetting this event and reminding the Taiwanese people that the regime in China is dangerous.”

“This thing has already been washed away by [China’s] authoritarian political view.”


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