British Senior (81) Wants To Visit Pope In Rome, Types 1 Letter Wrongly Into GPS

An 81-year-old British man who wanted to travel to Rome to meet the Pope arrived in Germany, thanks to a typo his navigation system.

Upon accessing his screen of the European continent, the elderly English man did not type in Rome fully, but instead was sent to “Rom”, a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The Englishman wanted to travel to Rome with his Jaguar, reports the Rheinische Post. After quite a few hours of traveling, he was surprised that his navigation system indicated that he had arrived at his destination, while he had not yet discovered a famous building or any piece of Italian culture.

The man parked his car – perhaps to look for distinctive buildings such as the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel – but did not properly apply his Jaguar’s handbrake. The car rolled backwards and, to make matters worse, rode against the name sign of the town of ‘Rom’.

When the man tried to stop his car, he was also knocked down by the open door. He was taken to the hospital; nothing is known about his condition. The police explained to the elderly Brit that he was about 1,400 kilometers away from the pope. The car was not seriously damaged.


Picture credit: Polizei Oberbergischer Kreis


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