Mississippi Senior Pulls Gun On Black Couple Visiting Lake (Video)

A senior woman working as a campground guard in Mississippi was fired this week after a video of her pulling a gun on a black couple and ordering them to leave from a lake site went viral.

Ms Jessica Richardson, of Macon, said in a shocking Facebook post: “Today was a beautiful day so my husband (who’s a vet), our 2 year old dog, and myself, decided to Google a lake to visit and have a picnic. We found a lake located in starkville, ms and decided to visit. Not five mins later a truck pulls up and a white lady screams at us, she then jumps out of her truck with a Gun.”

Cellphone footage shows the woman, who has not been identified, in a standoff with Richardson and her husband, Franklin, at Okitbbeha County Lake. The couple had stumbled into an area near the lake that is owned by Starkville Kampgrounds of America — or KOA — and is technically private property.

“This lady literally just pulled a gun because we’re out here and didn’t have reservations,” Richardson says on video. “For a lake we didn’t know we had to have reservation for.”

The woman, who is a grounds manager, tells her: “That’s what the office is for up there, ma’am.”

To which Richardson replies, “All you had to do was tell us…We would have left. You didn’t have to pull a gun.”

The woman fires back, “Well I’m just telling you, you need to leave because it’s under private ownership…Y’all just can’t be out here…KOA will not let you.”


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