This Is Why ‘Jon Snow’ Is In Rehab

For months now, “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington wasn’t doing too well. This became evident after he checked in at a luxury rehab clinic, the Health Retreat Private Swiss in Connecticut. In various interviews he indicated that the pressure was getting to him.

“That one plot twist was the start of my darkest period,” the star himself said.

His loyal followers could have realized before that Kit had a hard time. In the past few months he spoke several times about the heavy pressure on his shoulders. He said it to Variety as follows: “When you become the focal point of a TV series that is at its worldwide peak at that moment, it is fucking horrible.”

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For Harington, everything changed when the plot of the series began to focus all its attention on his Jon Snow character. “My darkest period started when everything suddenly revolved around Jon, when he died and came back (at the start of season 6, ed.). I thought it was terrible that the focus suddenly turned to Jon, even though it gave me confidence that Jon was not the weak link in the story. ”

He then needed therapy to overcome the pressure.

But immediately after the end of the taping of the very last episode of season eight, his situation deteriorated. “The last day on the set I felt okay … I felt okay … I felt okay … and then I suddenly had to record the last shots and I started to hyperventilate,” he told Esquire. “When they called” cut, “I collapsed completely. It was that savage attack of relief and sadness that became too much for me. “


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