Uber Incredibly Copies Black Mirror As Low Rating Customers Will Now Be…

In the excellent ‘Nosedive’ episode of ‘Black Mirror’ (the scifi show showing what the future could hold), people have become addicted to ratings and your life improves the better your rating is near 5.

Uber will now install exactly that mechanism as the company has decided that all customers with a below par rating can as from this moment be refused by the drivers.

It only concerns passengers with a score lower than average, the American company reported today in a statement. The minimum limit in terms of assessment may differ per city. For the time being, the measure only applies in the United States and Canada.

Uber does not immediately throw inappropriate customers out of the app; first the user receives some warnings. The company says it wants to help the customer improve his or her behavior. If a customer continues to receive low ratings from drivers, Uber can refuse access to the platform. This measure does not only apply to the taxi service, but also to UberEats and the e-scooter rental service Jump.


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