Famous Influencer Ariana Renee Ridiculed Over Clothing Line Failure

A famous Instagram influencer is currently being ridiculed online for failing to sell her own clothing line. 18-year-old Ariana “Arii” Renee may have millions of followers, she was unable to sell as little as 36 t-shirts.

“My heart is broken,” she wrote in an emotional response that can count on a lot of scorn.

In an emotional message that has since been removed but is still roaming online, Ariana “Arii” Renee explains how she tried to set up a fashion brand. In order to do so, she had to show a clothing manufacturer that she could – for a start – get the first 36 shirts sold.

You would think that’s an easy assignment, because Arii has no fewer than 2.6 million followers.

But of those millions of people there were no even 36 who wanted to buy her t-shirt. “My heart is breaking as I write this message,” Arii said since. “I gave my soul and salvation, flown in a photographer and a make-up artist, worked for weeks, made promos and hired a gigantic studio.” But to no avail. People said they loved it. And that they were going to buy it. Nobody kept his word. “

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The clothing manufacturer has now withdrawn. Arii still sent PR messages to friends and begged to share her message, but has painfully discovered that when it comes to selling anything she has become “irrelevant”.

Arii closes her message by saying that “this is not the end of the brand.”

She is determined to start over. “This is a wake-up call, to never give up and work harder than ever!”


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