Miami Crypto Couple Sues Over Death Dutch Teen Model (Video)

Alexander and Luna Johnson, the crypto millionaire couple allegedly involved in the death of Dutch teen fashion model Ivana Smit, are taking legal action to stop the charges against them. “We are innocent, but have been under fire for a year and a half due to a smear campaign. That’s it.”

The Johnsons experienced a wild night full of booze, sex and drugs with Ivana Smit on December 7, 2017 in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The Dutch model was found dead and undressed in the afternoon. She had crashed down from the balcony of the Johnsons, on the 20th floor. An accident, judged the police in Kuala Lumpur, a conclusion that a special investigating judge later endorsed.

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The Johnsons have always said they were asleep and did not notice Ivana’s fall. According to the Smit family, the Americans threw their daughter cold-bloodedly over the balcony edge after she had probably died of an overdose in the apartment.

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Alex and Luna Johnson, who now live in Miami, state that there is no proof for this and are now going on a counterattack.

They are fed up with the allegations. The Smit family can face libel and defamation charges if the family continues to hold the Johnsons responsible for Ivana’s death. Alex Johnson: “The Smit family suffered an unimaginable loss with the death of Ivana. Proceedings against them are the last thing we want, but what choice do we still have to go to court if this continues? They want the whole world to attack us. “

Mrs Johnson, 32, said: ‘Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her. She came with us willingly that night. I wished I had more time to know her. I lost a friend.’

Her 45-year-old husband added: ‘We have enjoyed the company of other women over the course of our marriage. I honestly don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks any more. We are numb to it… We have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again. I don’t care anymore.’



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