Will China ‘Cuck’ Trump By Delivering Oil To Iran?

The oil industry is anxiously watching the progress of a Chinese tanker that is loaded with Iranian crude, in a clear violation of US imposed sanctions. Apparently, two websites that tracks oil vessels, documented the first departure of a supertanker carrying crude oil out of Iran ever since the Trump administration ended oil trade with Iran earlier this month. The U.S. State Department has however warned that the U.S. government will enforce its sanctions on Iranian oil.

John Kilduff, partner at Again Capital, commented: “are the Chinese actually going to flout the sanctions or not? This would be the first outright flouting of the sanctions, and if they’re committed to them it’s important to Iran and a big outlet for them, for the regime to stay afloat.”

Scrutiny of Pacific Bravo comes at a time when tensions between the United States and China are elevated. The escalating trade war and national security concerns between Washington and Beijing have put China’s past relationship with Iran under increased pressure.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/30/a-single-oil-tanker-could-become-a-factor-in-both-the-china-trade-war-and-iran-tensions.html


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