Trump Surprised By ‘Nasty’ Meghan Markle

The day before his state visit to the United Kingdom, Donald Trump was confronted with some statements that Meghan Markle made about him back in 2016. The US President, who starts his three-day state visit to the UK on Monday, said he never knew Meghan was “nasty”.

“I did not know that. What can I say? I didn’t know she was nasty” Trump responded, according to British tabloid The Sun, who visited the president in his Oval Office.

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In 2016, Meghan called Trump woman-unfriendly and polarizing. The American actress also said that she would turn her back on the United States if Trump became president.

Although Meghan has said he is not a fan of him in the past, Trump is happy with an American within the British royal family. “That’s nice and I am sure she will do very well.”

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Coincidence or not: a meeting with Meghan is not possible during the state visit, she still has maternity leave after the birth of her son Archie on 6 May. The president also had no idea that he would not meet the Duchess. “I did not know that. I hope she’s fine. “

Picture credit: The Today Show


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