Trump Baby Balloon Launched Again

US President Donald Trump will be greeted by a flying caricature of himself upon arrival in London today. The so-called “Trump Baby” balloon will follow the American president everywhere during his three-day state visit to the United Kingdom.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given permission to release the balloon. Khan is completely opposed to the state visit as he wrote in Sunday’s newspaper The Observer: “It is un-British to roll out the red carpet this week for a state visit by a divisive president.”

The balloon protest certainly does not have the support of all the British. Another newspaper, The Evening Standard, pointed out in a editorial that Trump is also in Europe this week to commemorate D-Day: “Whatever we think about Mr. Trump, we must welcome him for this important commemoration.”

Trump has already provided more than enough discussion material prior to the state visit. In the Sunday Times, the president advised Prime Minister May’s successor to leave the European Union without an agreement: “If you don’t get the deal you want, if you get an unfair deal, you just have to walk away.” Trump also advised to use Nigel Farage as a Brexit negotiator.


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