Serial Killer Targets Detroit Prostitutes (Video)

Prostitutes in the American city of Detroit have to be careful, especially those in their fifties. That is what the local police said today, after they allegedly found a serial killer.

According to police chief James Craig, the “serial killer and rapist” is after prostitutes from East Detroit. He promises them money and lures them to vacant houses. “We want to warn all sex workers and tell them to be careful, especially those who sometimes work in empty houses.” He made a public call to witnesses to report with information. “We don’t want to arrest you, we want to protect you.”

The police tracked down the likely serial killer when the naked body of a third dead woman was found in an empty home. According to Craig, the possibility of someone who is after prostitutes was not thought of before that time.

The first dead woman (52) was found on March 19. According to the police chief, she seemed to have died of an overdose, but after further investigation she appeared to have been killed by violence. A second victim – a African American woman aged 53 – was found on 24 May and linked to the other case, just like this last dead woman.

The age and race of the last woman could not yet be determined because her body had been damaged too much.

“We believe the murder cases are interrelated … We do not yet have a description of a suspect,” declared the chief of police.


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