2020 – Warren Attacks Biden On Climate Change

While the Democrats in the US Congress are mainly concerned with the question whether they should start an impeachment procedure against President Donald Trump , the candidates for the 2020 presidential elections prefer to talk about other matters, such as making the US economy CO2 neutral.

Even Joe Biden could not ignore it this week: the content. On Tuesday, he quickly published a genuine climate plan, hoping to have the US economy CO2 neutral by 2050. It is a new indication that the Democratic pre-election race for the presidency in 2020 must be about much more than Trump alone.

Biden, who has been trying to become president for three decades and enjoys the greatest name recognition as Obama’s vice president, was already a leader in the polls before announcing his candidacy. But after he launched his campaign in April around the simple message “get away from Trump,” he has been sinking in recent weeks. Democratic voters expect more.

Boosting the more substantive tendency is Elizabeth Warren, the progressive senator from Massachusetts and former professor who proposes a detailed solution for all of America’s problems. Since being one of the first to explore a route to the presidency at the end of December, she has unfolded plans to tax billionaires, cancel student debts, take care of children and break the power of Silicon Valley, with the corresponding numbers and funding plans .

“The man in the White House is not the cause of what’s wrong, he’s just the last and most extreme symptom of it,” Warren said at the start of her campaign in February. “The product of a manipulated system that helps the rich and powerful and kills the rest of us. When he’s gone, we can’t pretend that this never happened. “

For a while she was denigrated as “policy wonk”, a policy nerd, but she and her supporters turned that around . At election meetings they walk around with T-shirts on which you can read in large letters: “Warren has a plan for that”.

On Wednesday she was even complimented by Tucker Carlson, the talkshow host from Fox News, who had read her plans and found that her “economic patriotism” is not at all bad for the American worker, and in any case better than the unregulated capitalism of Republican party leader Mitch McConnell.

For the sake of clarity, he said that he would never vote for her, because she is also a “gun-grabbing abortion extremist”, who moreover “does not take it so closely” with her racial origin.

Warren is slowly taking her distance from the candidates’ squad, although the earlier leaders Biden and Bernie Sanders are still far ahead. But her approach now also forces others to get more into the details.

Picture credit : The Week


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