New York Knifeman Goes Berserk On Bus (Graphic Video)

An unidentifed man armed with a long utility knife attacked an MTA bus in the East Village Thursday night. He could be seen getting off the bus barefoot before mounting it and trying to stab the vehicle.

The bus driver then got a running start and knocked him the front and onto the ground, according to the video.

“I opened up the doors and told him listen, you’ve got to get off the bus or get off the bumper,” said the driver, Louis Huertas. “Sure enough he pulls a knife out on me and starts coming after me. After he broke the windshield wiper somebody yelled, ‘yo he put the knife away’. When I asked were they sure, they said yeah he put the knife in his front left pocket. That’s when I went ahead and grabbed him and swung him and threw him on the floor.”


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