Texas Border Patrol Sees ‘Dramatic’ Increase Number African Migrants (Video)

Whereas Mexico is now sending troops to it’s southern border to stop the outpouring of Central American immigrants into the US after President Trump threatened harsh tariffs on it’s southern neighbor, border patrol agents in Texas have declared already a new emergency. In the last few weeks, they have detained hundreds of people from African countries .

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) says the “dramatic rise” in migrants from African countries arriving in the area is a “humanitarian crisis”.

In a video released at the end of last month, they showed how a group of 116 people tried to get into the US all at once, saying: ‘the group was comprised of people from West Africa, including Congo (80), Angola (35) and Cameroon (1). Agents apprehended the group at 10:30 p.m. local time and are processing and medically screening them. This is the 181st large group encountered so far this year. A “large group” is defined by 100 or more people who illegally cross the border together.’

Link to video

Local news reporter Jaleesa Irizarry also tweeted that the city was “in desperate need for French-speaking volunteers”, and that local centres expected up to 300 more migrants to arrive in the next few days.

According to the CBP’s acting commissioner John Sanders, the agency is currently detaining almost 19,000 people in total.

“When we have 4,000 people in custody, we consider it high,” he told a press conference. “If there’s 6,000 people in custody, we considered it a crisis. Right now, we have nearly 19,000 people in custody. So it’s just off the charts.”


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