Third US Tourist Mysteriously Dies At Same Dominican Republic Resort (Video)

Three American tourists were found dead at the end of last month in the Playa Nueva Romana resort in the Dominican Republic. The local authorities admitted this earlier this week. The three are said to have died of respiratory problems and pulmonary edema. The cause of this is as of yet still unknown.

The authorities are investigating the case. Meanwhile, another couple comes out with the story that they became very ill last year while staying at the same resort.

The police of the Dominican Republic announced that the American couple Edward Nathaniel Holmes (63) and Cynthia Ann Day (49) were found dead in their room at the Playa Nueva Romana hotel in San Pedro de Macorís, on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic.

The autopsy shows that they both died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema due to too much fluid in the lungs. Day also had a brain edema. Holmes would have complained about heart pain the day before, but he refused to see a doctor.

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