Boris Johnson ‘Won’t Pay EU $50 Billion’ For Brexit

Boris Johnson swears that he will withhold the sum of money owed by the UK after a Brexit until the EU agrees on better conditions. Johnson is the main candidate to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister of Great Britain and promises to take a completely different approach. He says that in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Withholding the money, scrapping the Irish backstop, and promising to guarantee certain rights for EU citizens in Britain are some of the measures that would be implemented if Johnson became the new Conservative Party president.

He added that he considered it “extraordinary” that the United Kingdom had agreed to the so-called divorce check, even before an exit agreement was concluded. “Our friends and partners need to understand that we keep track of the money until there is more clarity about our future,” said Johnson. And according to him, the money will come in very handy to get a good Brexit deal.

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Once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, the country agrees to meet its payment obligations as an EU member. In total, Brussels should receive around € 44 billion ($50 billion).

New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is an ardent ‘Brexiteer’ and a much-discussed person in the foreign press. Yet it seems that he will follow in the footsteps of the retiring Prime Minister Theresa May. According to a British opinion poll, for example, he would get 43 percent of the votes within the Conservative Party.


In the Conservative Party, parliamentarians make the first selection in the leadership race. They choose two candidates who can vote for 120,000 members. Johnson therefore has to convince his own group of his suitability, because otherwise he won’t even be on the ballot.


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