London Teens Who Attacked US Stewardess Couple On Bus Freed

The five teenagers arrested Friday and Saturday in connection with the attack on a lesbian couple on a bus in London at the end of May have been released on bail. That reports the London police. They must report to the police again at the beginning of July.

The five suspects between 15 and 18 years are suspected of inflicting severe blows and theft.

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Two women were attacked by the group on the night of 29 to 30 May because they did not want to kiss each other. Their bag and mobile phone were also stolen. The women from the US and Uruguay had to go to the hospital for care.

The news was made public by one of women by posting a picture on Facebook of herself and her girlfriend with a bloody face. Several British politicians have already condemned the act of violence.

US President Donald Trump mocked London Mayor Sadiq Khan upon arrival in the UK and claimed he should ‘focus on fighting crime in his city’ rather than trying to be a politician.


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