Nevada’s Incredible Boxing Match Ending “Looks Like A Bazooka Hit Him” (Shock Knockout Video)

In the US city Reno in the state of Nevada, spectators of a boxing match could not believe their eyes during the lightweight match between Christopher Brooker and Michael Seals.

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After a hit by Seals on the chin of his 28-year-old opponent, it looked like all life went out of him. Brooker fell backwards in the ropes, his head not supported and the right leg under the body. After the striking K.O. Some of the audience started applauding, but others were particularly concerned about the state of the loser. A doctor approached the man for a first crucial check.

“This was something special,” saw boxing expert Andreas Hale. “The KO of Seals was one of the most bizarre I have ever seen. Brooker looked like he was just hit with a bazooka.”

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The fight is already thoroughly discussed on Twitter and specialized boxing websites, because the frightening image ensures that the horror and usefulness of boxing is once again being discussed.




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