Remember When SNL Mocked Fox News For Suggesting African Migrants Were Trying To Get Into The USA? (Video)

Whereas US President Donald Trump was mocked a few months ago for daring to suggest that African migrants were among those that tried to enter the US illegally via Mexico by the Democrats and Saturday Night Live famously mocked Fox news hosts Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro for that in their November 2018 Cold Open, by now the world has seen that hundreds of African migrants have indeed been arrested in Texas for exactly that purpose.

We are of course all awaiting the apologies of the liberal media and the Democrats but thus far they haven’t budged.

Related coverage: Texas Border Patrol Sees ‘Dramatic’ Increase Number African Migrants (Video)

The BBC spoke to some of them and tried to find out why the route of Africans, which normally go north towards Europe, has now shifted to the US.

Link to video.

I would put this on Twitter, but for some reason I expect them to block me.


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