Sophie Turner: GOT Starbucks Cup Was Fault Of …

Sophie Turner, who currently stars in the new X-men movie ‘Dark Phoenix’, has revealed who she feels is responsible for the iconic Starbucks cup that made it into one of the final episodes of the beloved Game of Thrones series.

The actress believes her Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harington is responsible for a coffee cup that made it into the final edit.

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Eagle-eyed TV fans noticed a Starbucks-style disposable coffee cup on a table during a feast scene at the beginning of The Last of the Starks episode, which aired last month as part of the hit HBO show’s eighth and final season.

And, while there has been much speculation among the cast about who is to blame for the gaffe, Sophie – who played Sansa Stark in the fantasy drama – thinks Jon Snow actor Kit is the most likely culprit.

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“The coffee cup was where Kit’s chair was. First I blamed it on Emilia (Clarke), but I don’t think Emilia would do that,” Sophie told U.S. chat show host Conan O’Brien on Thursday night. “Kit is lazy and I think he would have done that. It was in front of Kit’s chair and then obviously he moved so this picture was taken and it looked like it was in my seat, but I wasn’t there either. It was Kit. It was a hundred per cent Kit.”

After naming and shaming the star, the 23-year-old went on to laugh off the mishap, joking that it became more famous than the season overall.

“I hear this every day of my life, this coffee cup thing,” she quipped. “So it’s good to know that the coffee cup got more press than the final season altogether.”



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