Washington DC Pride Parade Mass Panic Over ‘Active Shooter’ Rumor (Video)


During the Gay Pride parade in Washington DC some visitors were slightly injured when panic broke out among the spectators. They thought they heard gunshots and started running.

“There is NO Active Shooter on Dupont Circle. People were injured who thought they heard gunshots, but there is NO ACTIVE SHOOTER at Dupont Circle,” tweeted Kevin Donahue, deputy mayor for public safety.

The police, who strictly secured the event, found a gun in a backpack, but it had nothing to do with the panic, police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck stated.

19-year-old Elizabeth Hernandez was one of the hundreds present at the parade. She too heard “pop, pop” and then saw people running away in a panic. Barricades were knocked down.

“Everything fell and everyone said running!” said Hernandez, of Falls Church, Virginia. She ran down the street and was pushed into a restaurant, where she entered the toilet with a few partygoers.

Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed in a statement published on Twitter that no shots had been fired and said the emergency services were “on site to treat minor injuries due to reports of a shooting.”


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