China Praises Vietnam For ‘Disciplining’ Model For ‘Sexually Explicit’ Dress (Video)

Chinese state media have all reported on how southern neighbor Vietnam took the harsh step of fining a known model and celebrity, known as Miss Ngoc Trinh, for wearing a revealing dress during the Cannes Film Festival (see our related coverage).

The ‘Middle Kingdom’ has imposed ‘social media points’ on it’s population and dressing like Miss Trinh would certainly skip you down the ladder in China.

Related coverage: Vietnam ‘Disciplines’ Model Over ‘Sexually Explicit’ Dress At Cannes Film Festival (Video)

Under the Vietnamese ‘decency’ laws, Miss Trinh will receive a fine and can clearly not be shown on Vietnamese state media anymore in similar outfits.

The model, a well-known celebrity in Asia, currently has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and will probably laugh at the height of the fine given her newfound worldwide fame thanks to the reporting of the fine.



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