Seagull Snatches Famous $22 Maine Sandwich

When Alicia Jessop was in Vermont for a convention last Friday, she immediately planned a vacation after that. Her list also included a visit to York in the state of Maine, where she wanted to eat a sandwich from the locally famous Fox’s Lobster House.

The woman paid no less than $ 21.50 for a local specialty: a “lobster roll”. Before she set her teeth in the delicacy, the 34-year-old sports professor from California decided to take a quick photo of the iconic sandwich, with an equally iconic building, the Nubble Lighthouse, in the background.

The moment Alicia took the picture, a giant seagull tore the sandwich from her hand. The woman did not immediately understand what was happening, she was so busy creating the perfect picture. “I felt something on my hand when I pushed, but I didn’t know what was happening. It went so fast,” says the woman, who initially thought she had dropped the sandwich.

Only when she looked at the photo did she realize what had happened. “The seagull and his friends were already eating my sandwich before I realized what was going on,” says Jessop, who can also laugh about the incident. On social media she shared the photo with the text “this is why we can’t have fun things.” The image soon went viral.

The woman went to get a second sandwich after the incident, which she did eat at a different location. “There are worse things,” she says about the photo going viral, though she is a bit afraid of becoming known as “the seagull lady.”

“If this means that from now on I get lobster rolls for free and can make people smile for a while, then that’s good!”


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