Spanish Socialist Government Official Wants ‘Male Children Castrated At Birth’ (Video)

The city councilor of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) in the City of Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), Ms Aurelia Vera Rodriguez, is under scrutiny in the Spanish media due to a recording of her saying in one of her classes that ‘male children must be castrated at birth’ as a sort of ‘social experiment.’

Link to video:

“Boys should be castrated at birth, but selectively, to avoid the extinction of the species,” Vera said in response to a student’s question.

“We must make men stop governing so they give power to us. Will they voluntarily do it? No. We have to resort to selective castration.”

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Mr Francisco Serrano of Spain’s rightwing political party Vox has filed a complaint in the Spanish court system against Ms Vera, claiming he has received numerous messages on Facebook from concerned parents of students in her class.

Link to video:

The socialist party of Prime Minister Sanchez has won last month’s election and is now asked by the king to form a government. He does however not have a working majority.


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