Swedish Police Shoot Man Yelling ‘I’ve Got A bomb’ At Malmo Train Station (Shock Video)

Swedish police officers shot and wounded a man who was banging a bag on the ground and claiming to have a bomb at the Malmo train station Monday.

Police were alerted by other train travelers just after 10 am central European time that an unknown man was behaving in a menacing way at the central station.

One witness, Fernando Valarino, said he was at the station waiting for a train when he saw a tall, bald white man in a dark purple raincoat banging a duffel bag on the ground.

Valarino said the man appeared to be about 30 and “I thought initially that it was a crazy person.” At first he couldn’t make out what the man was saying but then heard him yell “I’ve got a bomb.”

Valarino said he saw station employees remove people from the area before police arrived. “He tried to run, and shots were fired. I definitely heard three shots, but maybe there were four.”

A police spokeswoman admits a bomb squad was deployed to the station.


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