German Scandal As Onlookers Hinder Police During Mass Brawl In Dortmund

Police responding to news of a massive brawl in the German city of Dortmund say that more than 80 people were involved in the fight and that most escaped when 100 officers arrived at the scene on Monday afternoon.

An official police statement said: “At 4.17pm today the police attended a call at Schleswiger Platz.”

“The police extinguished ignited Molotov cocktails. Locally, a group of about 150 onlookers harassed the first-in-command and prevented their work. With the help of support forces from all over Dortmund and neighbouring authorities, the police cleared the large area around the Schleswiger place and prevented further clashes by demonstrating strong police presence.”

Authorities say they found various weapons, including blunt instruments such as table legs, as well as a number of Molotov cocktails. Police said that if anybody had been hurt in the fight, they were yet to report their injuries with law enforcement.

They arrested three Syrians at the scene, two 17-year-old’s and a 20-year-old, who were later released.



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