Violent HongKong Protesters Surround Chinese Government Buildings (Video)

Hundreds of protesters occupied a major traffic road near the Hong Kong government offices on Wednesday. There is a lot of riot police present. The police have used water cannons to keep the mostly young demonstrators at bay, and warns that strong action will be taken if the roads are not immediately released.

There have been protests for several days against an extradition law that would make it possible to send people to China for a trial. Work interruptions have also been announced. The law will be discussed on Wednesday.

On Sunday already, more than 1 million people took to the streets to protest, but Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s government leader, announced that they would still pass the law. Under the new rules, criminals can now be extradited to China and tried instead of Hong Kong. The law would be important to meet international obligations for tackling cross-border crime.

Opponents fear that the simplification of the extradition of suspects to the rest of China will undermine their own legal system. The suspects could not count on a fair trial in the neighboring country.


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