Iranian Media Depicts German Foreign Minister As Nazi During Visit

The visit of Germany’s Foreign Minister, Mr Heiko Maas to Iran received widespread coverage in the conservative Muslim country’s media, which seemed to unanimously criticize the EU for not being able to help the Persion nation to circumvent US sanctions.

Looking at the Iranian press, what grabs the most attention was a cartoon published by the ultraconservative Javan newspaper, an outlet close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It depicts Maas with blue Star of David glasses, donning a swastika armband and performing a Nazi salute.

Untitled 2

“The stinking leftovers of Nazism and fascism have manifested themselves in the spirit of the weakest Europe in history,” the paper wrote in an accompanying editorial.

In a similarly harsh tone, Javan questioned why Maas was allowed to travel to Iran in the first place. The EU “sent its envoy to Iran to say ‘Europe cannot act without America’s approval,'” the paper complained. “So what’s the point of this trip after all?”


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