World’s Most Expensive Painting Hangs In Saudi Yacht

The most expensive painting in the world, Salvator Mundi by Da Vinci, is said to be on the yacht of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. At least, that’s what the Artnet art site speculates.

The two anonymous sources of the website seem to confirm a trend with this: the elite decorates yachts with top art.

In 2017, the famous Salvator Mundi painting was auctioned by Christie’s auction house in New York for a record amount of 400 million dollars, excluding auction costs. It was a great surprise that the work was then sold for such an amount, since there is doubt as to whether Da Vinci himself has put a hand to the painting. The New York Times reported earlier this month that Mohammed bin Salman had donated the work to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to exhibit it at the Louvre branch in his country. This would ultimately not have continued according to Artnet, possibly because there is doubt about the real maker of the painting.


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