China Invites CES Visitors To ‘Bash Trump’ With Hammer (Video)

Visitors to a technology fair in the Chinese city of Shanghai can no longer cool their anger on the image of Donald Trump. A company had opened a kiosk where people could hit a big doll of the American president with a hammer. The organizers of the event intervened when they realized the scandal that would ensue.

The unusual setup at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia was opened by the Japanese company Soliton Systems. They wanted to enable Asian visitors to de-stress by hitting Trump.

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The American president has called on the anger of many Chinese with his trade war against Beijing.

The organizers of the fair stated that participating companies are not allowed to give “offensive” presentations and blamed the Japanese company. The doll image of Trump was removed today.

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Meanwhile, if you dare to compare President Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh, you are immediately jailed. Just saying.





  1. awwww does china think that is going to help them in some way?? lol its nice to see Trump is having such a positive effect on them!!


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