Kendall, Beyoncé And Gigi Show Instagram’s Favorite 2019 Summer Pose ‘Flamingo’

Have you booked your summer holiday and have enough room on your camera to take beautiful photos? Then you only have to occasionally pose for holiday snapshots. The hippest pose of the moment is the ‘flamingo’ . Yes, you stand on one leg and spread your arms casually as if it were your wings

From Beyoncé to Kendall Jenner: stars are completely in line with the latest trend. The only thing you need for the pose is a bit of balance. And then again: if you can lean against a wall or support with your arms, it will work.

Stand on one leg and raise the knee of your other leg high. For an optically narrowing effect, you can cross the bent leg over the straight leg. To complete the posture, you can casually hold your arms in your side and so subtly wink at flamingos’ wings.

whatfinger logo new

Or spread your wings – uh – arms. Note: do it elegantly, otherwise you would rather look like a novice chicken or duck instead of the graceful pink bird.

Picture credit: Instagram


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