Memphis Rioting Wounds 25 Cops (Video)

Violent rioting broke out in Memphis on Wednesday night after a man was shot dead by officers in his family’s own front yard. 21-year-old Brandon Webber was shot and killed by officers. His cousin told the newspaper as many as 20 shots were fired at the young man.

Shocking photos showed the streets of Frayser descending into large-scale disorder with hundreds of riot-gear clad officers called into to quell the unrest. Police officers were pelted with rocks and bricks by an angry crowd in the aftermath of the slaying.

Memphis police say 25 officers were injured and three people were arrested at the scene of the Creditshooting. By 11 p.m., officers had used tear gas and most of the crowd dispersed.

Officers on horseback patrolled the area, and lines of police cars with flashing blue lights were parked along the street. An ambulance could be seen at the outer edge of the scene. A helicopter flew overhead as police cars trickled away.

One local official identified the victim as Brandon Webber and said he was shot several times in his family’s front yard. Family members confirmed to the Daily Memphian that 21-year-old Webber died.

A spokeswoman with the Tennessee Borough of Investigation says U.S. Marshals went to a home in Memphis to look for a man with felony warrants before the suspect was fatally shot.

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Webber’s aunt, Yolanda Holmes, said police claim he was shooting at an officer but the family was trying to confirm details. Holmes said Webber was a Frayser High School graduate.

Authorities gave few details hours after the incident.


Picture Credit – Daily Memphian


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